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Allied Artists is a proud member of:




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Over the years, Allied Artists has produced and distributed thousands of films. Though it originally dealt with early talkies, soundtracks, and cartoons, the corporation is now involved in motion picture production and television for various studios, remaining active in musical and television productions, as well as music videos.

The company’s history is a long and varied one. It became a household name during the dawn of motion pictures when Allied Artists RECORDS was originally the soundtrack division of Allied Artists In record time, it became one of the first companies in Hollywood to produce motion picture soundtracks, releasing hundreds of soundtracks throughout the years, with numerous recording artists in worldwide release.

In its evolution, Allied Artists  has branched out into several divisions, yet all its endeavors have always underscored the value, talent, and creativity of the individual performing artist and/or musical group. This year, the Board of Directors, guided by its Chairman, has vowed to move Allied Artists  into the millennium by taking full advantage of technology and all its advances. In keeping with its tradition of conducting business in the entertainment field from the perspective of the performing artist, the corporation’s officers have vowed to expand our open door policy through technology.


An Introduction to Allied Artists International, Inc.

The History of Allied Artists

Allied Artists International, Inc.’s Mission



Allied Artists International’s Recording Artist Stable
Luis Cardenas



Music Distributor : Infinity Resources, Inc.




An Introduction to

Allied Artists International, Inc.


 Entertainment is big business and when managed correctly and responsibly, can and will be extraordinarily profitable. In today's industry, the entertainment corporation that can utilize a business model with the ability to build a foundation of consistent releases over many channels (film, video and music) while integrating cross-marketing platforms to exploit these properties within a global economy, will realize success. ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. is just such a company. The ALLIED name is well recognized with more than 70 years of history behind it. With its Music Group subsidiaries ALLIED ARTISTS RECORDS and ALLIED ARTISTS MUSIC DISTRIBUTION, and the motion picture subsidiaries ALLIED ARTISTS PICTURES, MONOGRAM PICTURES, and ALLIED ARTISTS FILMS (distribution), ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. encompasses all the subdivisions and auxiliary channels necessary to capitalize on this growing and increasingly competitive industry.

 Recorded music has become a $40 billion a year industry, and continued growth patterns are a certainty. In the United States alone, 99% of Americans are exposed to AM/FM radios. Pre-recorded music sales in the United States have an annual dollar value in excess of $13 billion, while the new DVD industry boasts shipments of $8.25 billion worldwide. ALLIED ARTISTS RECORDS stands as an independent boutique label ready to service niche markets. ALLIED ARTISTS RECORDS has the potential for unparalleled success in an evolving industry of crossover music and burgeoning foreign sales. For music, the biggest growth in retail sales is found in Brazil, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Japan. Meanwhile, the entertainment market in Latin America is booming. Latin music sales worldwide are increasing exponentially to an estimated $1 to $2 billion this year. ALLIED ARTISTS RECORDS is prepared to inundate that market and cater to the needs of Hispanic Americans for Spanish language or Latin flavor entertainment.


Likewise, involvement in the film industry can be equally advantageous. Of course, the ALLIED ARTISTS and MONOGRAM PICTURES names have a long history in the motion picture arena. Star-studded, larger budget action films are normally "popular" by virtue of their star power alone, but not always profitable. Therefore, it is necessary to craft an intelligent crossover merchandising plan, while capitalizing on post-market revenue and non-box office sources, in order to ensure profitability. Statistics show 82% of film revenues now come from non-box office sources and peripheral income such as video and theme merchandising. Moderate budget films are also showing tremendous profit and are fast becoming the preferred studio project. With VCRs and DVDs now in an estimated 85% of American households, it is no wonder that video cassette and DVD rentals and purchases last year reached $20 billion. ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. has all these avenues covered. ALLIED ARTISTS PICTURES is destined to re-establish itself as the industry force it once was!


 There is a synergy between record distribution and film production that today is both timely and profitable. ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. and its subsidiaries have the ability to exploit DVD and CD movie soundtracks for more gross revenue. Also on track for use as an auxiliary promotional, sales and marketing tool is our multi-task Internet website where users can hear music, view music videos and pre-order both music from our catalog and corresponding merchandise. Internet promotion creates efficiencies and eliminates wasted time. Technological innovation will be the future's competitive differentiator, and given that, ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. promises to re-establish itself in the forefront of the industry.



The History of

Allied Artists


The history of Allied Artists  is long and varied. The Allied Artists  name has long been identified with quality, yet cost effective recorded music and motion pictures. It became a household name during the dawn of motion pictures when ALLIED ARTISTS RECORDS was originally the soundtrack division of ALLIED ARTISTS. Born shortly after the demise of silent pictures, ALLIED became one of the first companies in Hollywood to produce motion picture soundtracks for global commercial release, distributing hundreds of soundtracks throughout the years, with numerous recording artists in worldwide circulation.    


Over the years, ALLIED ARTISTS has produced and distributed hundreds of films. Though it originally dealt with early talkies, soundtracks, and cartoons, the corporation is now involved in motion picture production and television for various studios, remaining active in musical and television productions, as well as music videos.  During the “Star Wars” era of mega budget motion pictures, ALLIED’s quality, yet low budget business model just couldn’t compete. ALLIED  therefore built its record company with a string of successes by such artists as Renegade and Exodus. The ALLIED name was resurrected by its present management team in 1999 with the development of a website, acquisition of the Monogram Pictures logo and initiation of steps to found a modern entertainment company.




Allied Artists International, Inc.’s



Our mission is to entertain the masses. Although ALLIED'S origins are in motion pictures, the Company has concentrated on music - recording artists, compilations and motion picture soundtracks. We are an entertainment business which can produce both big budget and small budget feature films, home videos, music, music videos, and theme merchandising. Our keys to success center around securing the following resources:

Quality Talent … Quality Music … Best Music Producers and Engineers … Best Film Producers and Directors … Quality Scripts … Comfortable Working Environment Conducive to Creativity … Common Goals in the Workplace ... A hands-on, working board of directors ... Employees with a Vested Interest in the Welfare of the Company ... Solid Distribution Alliances ... Solid marketing, sales and promotional campaigns  …  Marketing Dollars to Chase Product ... Accessibility of music and film catalog …  Internet as Auxiliary Promotional, Sales and Marketing Tool”






ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. prides itself on cost-effectively creating quality products with an eye toward innovation. The Company's plans for a strong, fiscally sound future embrace the tenets of all successful businesses; technical excellence, financial security, business savvy, and moral and ethical responsibility. Keeping these in mind, we set forth the following goals:

1. Acquisition of name talent and artists, and securing viable scripts and music:

Using our many resources and strategic alliances, we will continue to aggressively seek out name artists, quality music, scripts and film projects.

2. Production of product:

We will utilize all the resources available to us and to our subsidiaries to produce quality product, both in the music and film industries, in a timely and responsible manner.

3. Bringing product to market:

We will utilize all the resources available to us and to our subsidiaries to introduce our product to the public market, both in the music and film industries, in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

4. Marketing product:

Our goal here is to build brand identity and brand awareness for the ALLIED ARTISTS name, while responsibly promoting and marketing our product. Utilizing sound marketing campaigns, tie-in promotions, tours, endorsements, sponsorships, print, radio and television media exploitation and any other necessary tools we have available to effectively publicize our product.

5. Internet promotion:

We believe the dramatic growth of the Internet is indicative of a burgeoning promotional resource. We are currently exploiting our website as an auxiliary marketing and sales tool in order to promote pre-orders and merchandising in both the music and film industries. Presently, our website (which can be viewed at the URL's listed below) is enjoying well over a million visitors annually. Obviously, visibility is the key to promotion, and any mechanism reaching more than a million people per year is an effective tool.  




Allied Artists International’s

Recording Artist Stable



One of the biggest reggae stars to emerge in the '80s, Eek-a-Mouse (born in Kingston as Ripton Joseph Hylton) has no trouble maintaining a high profile. Not only is he six-foot-six, his distinctive voice is hard to miss: he sings with a nasal twang (like a higher-pitched version of Michael Rose), but punctuates his vocals with all sorts of syllabic thrusts, like reggae's answer to scat. He works primarily with Roots Radics, a popular Jamaican session band that's played behind Gregory Isaacs and countless others.



Sweetwater, the L. A. based band, came on the scene in 1968 with their first album for Warner/ Reprise, “Sweetwater”; making the Billboard charts.They toured with and/ or shared the bill with every major act of the time, including: Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, Cream, the Grateful Dead, Big Brother & The Holding Co. w/ Janis Joplin, C S N & Y, the Who, Frank Zappa, Jefferson Airplane, Chicago, Chuck Berry, Spirit, the Allman Bros., E.L.P., Joe Cocker, War, Linda Rondstadt, Santana, Joan Baez, Beach Boys, Steve Miller, Chambers Bros., and many others. The group performed on all major network television shows (Red Skelton, Steve Allen, Playboy After Dark, Hollywood Palace, American Bandstand, Etc.), and at all major national rock venues and pop festivals of the time including WOODSTOCK, where they were the first band to play. In 1995, following an invitation to play at WOODSTOCK II, the surviving members reunited. With founding members Alex Del Zoppo on keyboards, Fred Herrera on bass, and Nancy Nevins on lead vocals and guitar, Sweetwater now includes a strong drummer, Mike Williams, and an exciting lead guitarist, Joe Bruley, - - an instrument the group never had. Recent response to their new music and live performances has been overwhelming.



 As a musical group, the talented, young artists known as Renegade have enjoyed uncommon success. With worldwide sales of more than 30 million units, Renegade found their fan following to be loyal and rabid. Collectively, Kenny Marquez, Luis Cardenas, Tony De La Rosa and Danny David Flores have carved their own significant niche in the music industry. As one of the first Latin rockers to hit the music scene, the members of Renegade faced their share of adversity and closed doors. The four first met in school, singing in choir. A CBS Records development deal led to the band being snapped up by Allied Artists. Their youth and ability to create killer vocals and music was soon apparent as executives at Allied mapped out a strategy for the group. The first release, "Rock 'N Roll Crazy!" proved to be a career maker. 33 million units and several US and world tours later, Renegade was rolling. Drummer and one of the four lead singers, Luis Cardenas received a Grammy nomination for his video "Runaway" and a hit single from his "Animal Instinct" album, "Hungry for your Love." Having honed their chops for the last few years, keeping busy as in-demand studio musicians, these "Renegades" yearned to once again take the stage with their no excuses, take no prisoners attitude. The resurgence of the Allied label afforded Kenny, Luis, Tony and Danny the luxury of rehearsing in a new studio, working on the dozens of tracks and tunes the band has prepared for the new project. The return of Renegade is upon us.



Luis Cardenas

 Luis Cardenas became a drummer at the age of four. He has never looked back. The kid who made a name for himself as the heartbeat behind the multi-million selling rockers Renegade, is back and ready to roll.  In seventh grade Cardenas had his first "official" band. After a few incarnations, that band evolved and became Renegade.  High School gigs turned into four track recording sessions in their high school gym. With the help of Allied Artists records the band set out to tackle the infamous Sunset Strip. As record sales and crowds grew with the release of "Renegade II - On the Run," "Nuns on Wheels" and "Renegade Live," Cardenas' drum set followed suit. So little by little it grew and eventually became, according to the Guinness Book of Records, ‘THE LARGEST DRUM SET IN THE WORLD.'  A solo LP, "Animal Instinct" spawned the hit singles, “Runaway” and "Hungry For Your Love," the former picking up a Grammy nomination and becoming the most added video in history. Clearly, success comes in many forms for this vocalist/percussionist. With such diverse career highlights as performing with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Iron Butterfly, multi-million albums sold and a Guinness Book World Record, these days Cardenas is looking forward to the reformation of Renegade on the resurgent Allied artist records.




The Allied Artist International, Inc.

Music Distributor : Infinity Resources, inc.


Infinity Resources, Inc. is a privately-held subchapter "S" corporation in good standing in the state of Illinois, with general offices at 900 N. Rohlwing Road, Itasca, IL 60143. Additional offices are maintained in Los Angeles, CA, and Anaheim, CA.

 Operating Units:

Critics' Choice Video (CCV) was founded in 1987 and is the largest U.S. consumer movie catalog, with 4 million active customers in 31 nations. CCV prints and distributes 15 million catalogs every year, and stocks over 50,000 movies. In addition, CCV operates the website, which is the largest classic-movie site and one of the oldest movie sites on the world-wideweb. Infinity Resources, Inc. acquired CCV in October, 2000. (DDD) was launched by Infinity Resources, Inc. in February of 2000. (DDD) has been the beneficiary of intensive viral marketing as well as major online and offline media campaigns (including commercials featuring Howard Stern) designed to promote its low prices and free shipping. The no-frills, low-cost approach was designed to emulate the "Southwest Airlines" business model.

Digital Eyes was founded in 1995 as a venture-capitol- backed- online setter" of laser disk and DVD product and was acquired by IRI in April. 2003. Digital Eyes has experienced steady growth- since its inception, and was a client of IRI's IServe Direct Commerce Services division at the time of its acquisition. Because of its relatively long history in the DVD business, Digital Eyes enjoys a long standing relationship with- many early-adapter DVD buyers The business is, noted for its highly attentive and personalized customer service, its loyalty programs and its broad selection of eclectic merchandise.

Collectors' Choice Music (CCM) was launched in 1993 when Playboy Enterprises Inc.'s catalog group acquired a database of nearly one million mail order music buyers as part of a larger acquisition for Critics' Choice Video, which was then also owned by Playboy. Critics' Choice Video is now a subsidiary of Infinity Resources, Inc. Consistent with the strategy that made the CCV catalog successful, CCM was established to serve the needs of knowledgeable music collectors that desire imports, re-issues and hard-to-find music in all genres. This strategy differentiates CCM from most mainstream direct marketers and retailers of music as it sells little of the contemporary and popular music commonly found in the Billboard Top 100.

Heartland Music was one of the largest and most successful sellers of music via television advertising from the late 1980's to the late 1990's. Heartland initially licensed recordings from major record labels to create one-of-a-kind collections that could not be found in stores, specializing in country, gospel, pop and other middle-of-the-road musical genres. Heartland Music is now a division of Collectors' Choice Music, and its operational functions are performed by Infinity Resources, Inc.'s i-Serve Direct Commerce Services division. However, Heartland occupies a musical niche very distinct from CCM's, concentrating more on compilations (than reissues) of albums and, following its DRTV roots, taking a much more "mass-market" approach to selling music than CCM's collector-oriented one.

Serenade Music was acquired by IRI from Time Life, Inc. in September, 2003 and established as a division of Collectors' Choice Music Like Heartland. Serenade occupies a musical niche very distinct from Collectors' Choice Music. is virtually alone in the direct mail music marketplace in targeting its offerings to the African-American consumer. Its selection of nostalgic soul, R&B, gospel and blues has engendered strong customer loyalty among a customer base under-served by music retail. Serenade will build on that customer loyalty by expanding its online presence, and by mining the large database of customer names owned by Infinity Resources, Inc., in both the music and video/DVD areas, as Serenade customers have shown a strong affinity to "lifestyle" offerings across all media.



Allied Artist’s International, Inc.



ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. and all its subsidiaries will acquire, develop and distribute commercially viable entertainment for the global market place. As an offspring of the venerable ALLIED ARTISTS company formed between the era of silent films and the emergence of the talkies, we have a colorful and varied past that serves as inspiration for the future. ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. will take its place among its multi-media competitors and will emerge successful.


ALLIED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. consists of six subsidiaries, ALLIED ARTISTS MUSIC GROUP (records, publishing, soundtracks, distribution, etc.); ALLIED ARTISTS PICTURES; ALLIED ARTISTS FILMS (film distribution arm); MONOGRAM PICTURES; ALLIED ARTISTS BROADCASTING; and ALLIED ARTISTS ON-LINE. The parent corporation is administered by a Board of 8 Directors. The corporate structure is as follows:


Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Kim Richards, helmed Allied Artists during the 1980's, steering it through one of the company's most turbulent of times.  Mr. Richards is a veteran of the music and film industry, having previously been an executive with CBS Records and ABC Television, with credits that include Pink Floyd's "The Wall", which was both an album, movie and live album, Queen, The Spinners, Renegade, Luis Cardenas, Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot), Mike Pinera and Iron Butterfly.


Follow Mr. Richards on social media:    










Chief Financial Officer, Entertainment Group
Jerry Sifuentes
, a veteran of Allied Artists, returns to help steer the company during this period of growth and re-development.  Mr. Sifuentes began his career with Allied in the 1980's, having headed the company's internal security division.  During Mr. Sifuentes' prior tenure, he was responsible for reducing losses and increasing productivity by as much as fifty percent.


President of Allied Artists International, Inc
Robert Fitzpatrick
, a legend in the music industry, one time lawyer for the Beatles and former president of Stigwood Fitzpatrick, Inc. representing groups such as Cream, the Bee Gees and Eric Clapton, has joined ALLIED to direct its music operations. Fitzpatrick's extensive knowledge of the music industry has brought ALLIED a vibrant core group of artists and continues to attract the finest talent in the industry.


Vice President, A & R / Artists Relations, Allied Artists Music Group
Danny Ramos began his career with Allied Artists as a successful musician and song writer in the early 1980's. Throughout the years, Danny has helped formulate the careers of numerous recording artists, using his formidable songwriting skills together with his appreciation for talent, to spot diamonds in the rough. Mr. Ramos administers all International Music Group A & R and artist relations operations.


Vice President, Chief Technical Officer
Greg Hammond
brings his 20 years of technical expertise in software and web design with Arco Products Company, A Division of Atlantic Richfield Co., to ALLIED where, in addition to designing the ALLIED web site, Hammond has developed ALLIED ‘S proprietary CDMM technology which enables ALLIED to embed music videos on ordinary CDs




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